Ryan Clifton

RYAN CLIFTON, PLA, ASLAis an Associate Principal with EDSA, an internationally-recognized planning and landscape architectural design firm with its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Mr. Clifton joined EDSA in 1999 upon graduating from Oklahoma State University, launching his career in the firm’s headquarters office under the auspices of many of the firm’s original principals, including Ed Stone, Jr. himself, founder of EDSA.   Ryan’s career and design philosophy flourished and evolved during his tenure in this office, which in 2009 culminated into a transition opportunity to the EDSA satellite office located in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Mr. Clifton’s design approach and principles include a passionate commitment to creating innovative and sustainable designs that encourage the relationship between built and natural forms, focusing on designing outdoor environments that are both user-focused and transformative.  By incorporating modern sensibility with artistic vision, his work is site-specific and sensitive to regional conditions with an expressive sense for the creative use of function, texture, and color. Having worked on domestic projects as well as assignments in the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Ryan has acquired an understanding of the relevance that natural systems, patterns of settlement, and infrastructure have in creating a sense of place. He enjoys researching a site’s historic practices, studying its man-made and natural land forms, and then collaborating with clients to reach the best possible outcome.

Currently, Ryan assists with the day to day operations of the Baltimore office, while helping to guide the longterm vision of the office’s growth, strategy, and design direction.