Ken Ray

KEN RAY, PLA, is an urban designer and licensed landscape architect at Toole Design Group’s (TDG) Silver Spring office. He works on active transportation planning projects as a daily bicycle commuter and avid amateur road cyclist. He received his MLA from the University of Florida in 2007 and has been an active advocate for bicycle safety, infrastructure innovation, and traffic calming projects. He has traveled to cities and towns across North America to help facilitate design charrettes with communities that revitalize downtowns by allowing the land use, public realm, and quality of life aspirations of the location be fulfilled, while simultaneously making streets comfortably accommodate pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. Being trained in both landscape architecture and planning, Ken is adept at working toward successful project solutions with both design and policy implications. Ken co-leads the firm’s Urban Design Group and is a thought leader in a place-making approach to the design of streets, parkways, and other open spaces. Ken is recognized for his passion for and design approach to making great places for all users.