Jeremiah Farmer

The roots of Land F/X sprang in 1991, when David Farmer, Jeremiah's father, began to incorporate CAD into his Landscape Architecture practice. Jeremiah had taught himself how to program at age 7, and was first published at age 15, for a program that David had used to generate plant schedules on a Commodore 128. Thus, the introduction of CAD was just the next step for the duo. Jeremiah received his political science degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz, in 1995. His course of study helped him hone his ability to think outside the box, see the bigger picture, and meld complex solutions into engineered simplicity. Meanwhile, the many summers of helping his father as an ink-on-Mylar draftsman brought relevant perspective and instilled a desire to make even the complexity of irrigation design an intuitive process. 

A math scholar in high school, Jeremiah appreciates that CAD offers the opportunity to use trigonometry almost daily. Meanwhile, his political drive to make a better world is well served in allowing landscape architects to focus on their designs, creating more bikeable and walkable communities, and combating climate change with the simplicity of planting more trees. As CEO and developer of Land F/X, Jeremiah continues to foster the original company vision of an innovative design software created by landscape architects, for landscape architects.