Ian Hampson

IAN HAMPSON, PLA, is Director of !melk landscape architecture and urban design in New York, maintains a fully integrated presence for a wide array of projects. Ian constantly fuels the !melk team with eagerness and loyalty, which drives the firm’s impressive and inspiring work. He is deeply entrenched in the design and implementation of each project and emphasizes the importance of detail and joinery as core tenet of good design.

Ian’s longtime fascination with science-fiction, new technologies, and the exposition of scientific processes has influenced his experimental yet practical mindset with his research of new materials, techniques, and concepts. As a highly skilled Landscape Architect, Ian focuses on the conceptualization of unique experiences in the public realm by balancing design objectives with unexpected interpretations of program and form. In addition, Ian deeply understands of how thought-provoking design adds value to the urban realm, and this understanding is incorporated into an office-wide approach toward the design of evocative public space.